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Can Exercise Boost Your Immunity?

In today’s world, where every second a person is suffering from some or the other health issues, it is essential to keep ourselves safe and immune.

The first question comes up is how do I boost my immunity?

Well! In such case, I am pretty sure that the very first thought you get is ‘by exercising’.

But before that it is important to know certain forms of exercises, which you can do as per your age and body type to boost immunity.

  • Normal Stretching
  • Cardio workout
  • Weight training
  • Yoga

Benefits of Exercise

  • Have you ever wondered, why does stretching feel good? Well, after waking up from night long sleep or being it a lethargic day, there is nothing better than doing a good stretch. It not only makes your body flexible but also helps in the better flow of blood to the whole body and releases endorphin which reduces pain and makes you feel good.
  • Exercise helps in the flow of lymph (it is a fluid which circulates throughout the lymphatic system). It does not flow to the body by the power of heart pump but movement of body or a massage can get it moving to the whole body. Its main function is to capture bacteria and harmful pathogens and bring them back to lymph nodes where they are destroyed. A simple workout like yoga and stretching can help the flow of lymph.
  • While exercising, the regular movement of the body leads to perspiration from the skin which excretes out germs from the body. Exercise further results in better flow of blood and also activates white blood cells and antibodies to fight against any alien microbe.
  • Vigorous aerobic exercise – such as running, or cycling helps expand lungs and increase their capacities to let more inflow of oxygen in them thus help them remain clean and prevent them from any respiratory disease. It also flushes out bacteria from lungs and airways. This reduces the chances of getting a cold or flu. The brief rise in body temperature kills bacteria and prevents it from growing. Furthermore, it has been seen that wound healing is faster in people who do regular exercise than those who prefer to have sedentary lifestyle and in these ways exercise keeps one immune.
  • Similarly, resistance exercise like weightlifting can fight diseases by keeping blood pressure and insulin level in control. It also helps body adapt itself to the weights and makes it stronger physically as well as mentally.
  • You must be aware of the fact that inflammation is the body’s way of healing wound but excess of it is generally related to many diseases, and workout can help body release proteins which have anti-inflammatory effects and provide respite to the body.
  • Also, we see that today’s generation is more susceptible to stress, anxiety and unnecessary fear which is linked to low immunity. Thus, exercise helps in pumping up endorphin, it is like meditation in motion and improves your mood and makes you feel better and positive.
  • You must have seen that there are certain commercial brands offering supplements and specially vitamins to boost immunity. Unfortunately, they are not offering any help to you because immunity is built over the years by following a right pattern of lifestyle and eating habits.
  • Eating too many nuts has some side effects and it won’t increase the immunity of the body in seconds. It can affect body severely if you have certain health issues. For these reasons, it’s best to get vitamins directly through food as body absorbs and uses vitamins and nutrients better when they come from food.

So! Now you know so many great benefits of exercise, you must now be eager to put your shoes on to do some exercises.